18 July 2019: Quantum logic gates in silicon, and moving on from lab disasters

This week, a new advance in silicon based quantum computing and experiences of how to recover when disaster strikes.

In this episode:

00:45 Quantum logic

A fast and accurate two-qubit logic gate has been designed in silicon. 

Research article: Simmons et al.

07:52 Research Highlights

Teaching a computer to solve a Rubik’s cube and immigration in Chichén Itzá. 

Research Highlight: AI solves the Rubik’s cubeResearch Highlight: Death as a human sacrifice awaited some travellers to a Mayan city

10:43 Coping with calamity

Researchers share how they are recovering from catastrophe. 

Career Feature: Explosions, floods and hurricanes: dealing with a lab disasterNews Feature: The battle to rebuild centuries of science after an epic inferno

19:04 News Chat

A campaign to open up the world’s research, and dinosaur egg-laying clubs. 

News: The plan to mine the world’s research papersNews: Ancient Mongolian nests show that dinosaurs protected their eggs


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