20 June 2019: Non-native species, and a blood-inspired robot battery

This week, what makes birds invasive, and a robotic fish powered by a blood-like battery.

In this episode:

00:44 How do alien bird species establish themselves?

Researchers have been looking at how bird species settle in non-native locations. Research article: Redding et al.

08:22 Research Highlights

Crafting the perfect crêpe, and anti-fungal wasp eggs. Research Highlight: Physicists tackle a delicate challenge: making the ideal crêpeResearch article: Strohm et al.

10:09 Robot blood

Multipurpose battery fluid both moves and powers a robot fish. Research article: Aubin et al.; News: Robo-fish powered by battery ‘blood’

16:30 News Chat

Researchers reviewing misconduct investigations, and redefining pressure. News: What universities can learn from one of science’s biggest frauds

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