#57 BIRTH STORY Natural Vaginal Birth, Birth Partner Preparation, Transitioning to Motherhood with Lucy Morris (Pt. 1)

This is part one of an amazing duo birth story with one of my dearest girlfriends Lucy Morris. She has had 2 amazing natural vaginal births, both in the hospital setting, Arthur now 2.5 years and Francis who is 10 weeks old (and with a during the poddy!). Her husband was her primary birth support for both and is an absolute legend at birth support and securing an environment of safety.

Over the two-part’s we discuss:

  • Her 2 natural vaginal births being so different
  • Birth partner preparation
  • How Lucy mentally prepared for her dream births
  • Miscarriage
  • Finding her ‘thang’ as a mother- dream job
  • Positions during labour
  • Preparing for another pregnancy after birth and breast feeding while trying 
  • Sex drive through pregnancy and after birth  
  • Setting and letting go of expectations of your birth experience during pregnancy

This podcast is for:

  • The pregnant women wanting to surround herself with positive birth stories and perspectives leading up to her birth experience
  • The preconception woman wanting to intentionally build her own story, perspective, and thoughts surrounding birth to be positive and excited
  • The pregnant woman with a desire to understand how birth works, pain relief options and movements to resume in labour

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I really hope you enjoy the podcast!

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