56 The Journey of Pregnancy w/ Gracie Ep 4. First Bub- 27 weeks

Step into the world of pregnancy with our guest, Gracie, as she shares her journey at 27 weeks. In this insightful episode, we explore various facets of Gracie's experience, providing a holistic view of her unique and empowering approach to expectant motherhood. This is the fourth episode of our mini-series centred around Gracie’s journey of pregnancy, so if you haven’t listened to the first four episodes, do so first. 

Today’s conversation highlights Gracie's empowering sense of making firm decisions during her pregnancy. From lifestyle choices to birthing plans, she reflects on the refreshing empowerment that comes with decisiveness, creating a positive and confident atmosphere for both her and her baby.

We also explore the fascinating concept of "breathing baby out" and the foetal ejection reflex—a natural and instinctive birthing process. Gracie shares her thoughts on this beautiful approach to childbirth, emphasising the connection between breath, relaxation, and the miraculous act of bringing a new life into the world.

By listening, you will gain insight into Gracie's exercise routine during pregnancy. Navigating the physical changes and challenges.

This podcast is for you if:

  • You’re a first time mama and desire some inspiration, guidance, or relation to another pregnancy.
  • You are preconception, wanting to have a baby at some stage in future, and have no idea what to actually do when that happens. 
  • You are early in your pregnancy and desire some guidance on the right steps to make for your pregnancy journey with an interest towards natural birth.

In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • Gestational Diabetes, testing and her thoughts
  • The refreshing sense of making a firm decision
  • Finding “the right” Midwife
  • Breathing baby out and Foetal ejection reflex
  • Her exercise routine

I really hope you enjoy the podcast!

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