51. PROFESSIONAL Traditional Chinese medicine in Pregnancy & Motherhood with GRACE

Today is a very special podcast with the lovely Grace, founder of Bloom Chinese Medicine. Grace is an amazing Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), she found a special passion for women's health during her career and has created her stunning business Bloom TCM. Here she and the other amazing practitioners that work there, specialise in care for women during the preconception, pregnancy, and postnatal stage of life. 

Grace also had her first born baby 14 months ago with a natural home birth.

In today's podcast we discuss:

  • How TCM can be used throughout these essential stage of a woman's life
  • What symptoms to look out for that if you acquire, would greatly benefit from treatment from a doctor of TCM.
  • Grace touches on her natural home birth experience of her first babe, and how she incorporated TCM into her preconception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum stage of life. 
  • The general lifestyle of living in align to TCM- It’s actually not that hard

This podcast is for you if:

  • You are interested in receiving TCM or Acupuncture and want to know why you should
  • You have irregular periods and hormones your intrigued on learning more about how to get back on track
  • You are struggling to conceive
  • You are pregnant and wanting to prepare your body for birth from a TCM perspective.

I really hope you enjoy the podcast!

You can check out Grace and her TCM practice located in Maroochydore here

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