52. The Journey of Pregnancy w/ Gracie Ep 2. First Bub- 16 weeks

This is our new Podcast series going through a journey of pregnancy with one of my dearest girlfriends Gracie. At the time of recording this podcast Gracie is 16 weeks pregnancy with her first babe and definitely gunning for a natural vagina birth

Gracie is going through the Natural Birth Co experience of preparing the 3 main aspects for a wholistic approach to birth. Mental preparation, Physical preparation, and Birth partner Preparation. 

Our NBC mamas often talk about how overwhelming it is falling pregnant, how unsure they are on the steps to take, how much it is to take in and are overwhelmed with the decisions. This series will take you step by step through a woman’s journey of pregnancy where every single month she will discuss what she learnt, how she feels, what is happening with her mental state, and how she acted towards making decisions. 

Usually we would ideally start our Pregnancy classes including pregnancy specific yoga and pilates at 12-14 weeks however, (as you will hear on the podcast) Gracie has just moved back from Western Aus, so we are a little behind the 8 ball and which we can absolutely adapt and be flexible around and catch up because that what we do- Tailored pregnancy preparation around your individual circumstances.

In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • How Gracie navigates mental challenges with her changing pregnant body and a history of eating disorders which has been triggering. 
  • How Gracie is making her decisions regarding which form of care she desires for her pregnancy and birth, how she is researching this and how she is gaining support
  • Cleaning up the mental ‘Girl stuff’ as Gracie calls it- to be the mother and role model she desires for her child
  • How she is opening up conversation with her partner already about pregnancy and birth desires
  • How her exercise routine has changed immensely through pregnancy- and bringing acceptance to that
  • How to navigate having people close to you who have different beliefs about birth that you don’t want to adopt

This podcast is for you if:

  • You’re a first time mama and desire some inspiration, guidance, or relation to another pregnancy.
  • You are preconception, wanting to have a baby at some stage in future, and have no idea what to actually do when that happens. 
  • You are early in your pregnancy and desire some guidance on the right steps to make for your pregnancy journey with an interest towards natural birth.
  • You have people in your support circle who hold different beliefs for what you desire for your birth

I really hope you enjoy the podcast!

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