50. The Journey of Pregnancy w/ Gracie Ep 1. First Bub- 11 weeks

So this is a new series we are doing which I am SO excited about. We are going to do a journey through a newly pregnant woman's life, how she felt, how she went about choosing her care options, and how she decided to prepare for birth. The logical steps through a pregnancy, the spiritual growth throughout a pregnancy, and the mental preparation, to embark onto her birth and motherhood journey. 

Our NBC mamas often talk about how overwhelming it is falling pregnant, how unsure they are on the steps to take, how much it is to take in and are overwhelmed with the decisions. This series will take you step by step through a woman’s journey of pregnancy where every single month she will discuss what she learnt, how she feels, what is happening with her mental state, and how she acted towards making decisions. 

It is with my greatest delight for the first of these series to be with one of my close girlfriends Gracie Purvis. Gracie is currently pregnant with her first babe and int he time of recording this podcast is 11 weeks.

In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • Gracies journey Pre pregnancy in her own personal growth- not that her pregnancy was necessarily logically ‘planned’ but her spirit knew it was coming
  • Gracie’s initial conditioned response falling pregnant was, ‘I’m scared of birth- I’ll just have a C-section’, to an instant shift with the right support people around her to then desire a natural birth and have full belief in her body to birth (In just 5 short weeks- it doesn’t take long once you decide)
  • How Gracie has been working through the changes in her body and moving through old patterns and beliefs that have shown up
  • How Gracie chose her method of care for pregnancy- We discuss all the care options.
  • How pregnancy has made gracie question who she wants to be, the type of mother she wants to be, to allow her to grow and transform

This podcast is for you if:

  • You’re a first time mama and desire some inspiration, guidance, or relation to another pregnancy.
  • You are preconception, wanting to have a baby at some stage in future, and have no idea what to actually do when that happens. 
  • You are early in your pregnancy and desire some guidance on the right steps to make for your pregnancy journey with an interest towards natural birth.

I really hope you enjoy the podcast!

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