48. BIRTH STORY Prioritising Birth prep as a busy gal, Natural Birth, and freedom in motherhood with SAM

Today’s Birth story was with one of our NBC mamas Sam. Sam has been such a delight to have in NBC throughout her entire preganncy and start into motherhood. Sam is a perfect example of fully embodying and relishing in her pregnancy, dedication to her birth preparation, and an open mind to shift her bliefes and perspective on pain and birth. Sam truely acted on one of our main mottos in NBC- Control what we can control which is a birth preparation and decision making, and surrender to what we cannot control- The outcome. Sam and her husband truely felt this throughout their pregnancy which eventuated into a powerful, confident, connecting birth experience for them.

In todays podcast we discuss:

  • How Sam shifted her initial perspective of birth from ‘Just cut it out fo me!’ to ‘I can do this and I’ve got this naturally’
  • How Sam prepared for her epic Natural Birth experience
  • How she priorities her birth preparation even though busy working full time, and all the things
  • How she coped in labour and her partners role during labour
  • How she has transitioned so fluidly inot her own version of a mama- not being afraid to be self aware, break the norms, and prioiritse herself while prioritising her baby.
  • How she and her husband both have key roles in the household and with parenting, and how she has full trust in him and his ability which allows her to prioritise herself (a common conversation between myself and our NBC mamas)

This podcast is for you if:

  • Your a first time mamas wanting to feel empowered during pregnancy and birth and wanting to hear how to take full responsibility of your decision making
  • You have some negative beliefs towards birth and want to rewrite them
  • You have a fear that motherhood will completely change your life, and you will loose yourself through the process, and how exactly to avoid that
  • You are wanting to prioritise your birth prep but are struggling to manage the time 
  • You are struggling to prioritise yourself as a mother and feel ‘trapped’
  • You are struggling to trust your partner in looking after abbe while you live your best life in the best of both worlds- getting to be a mama loving your baby AND still getting to exercise, see friends and have alone time

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