47. BIRTH STORY 42 wk Induction, decision making, Triple feeding with AMY

Today’s Birth story was with one of our NBC mamas Amy. Amy and her husband both come from medical backgrounds- this is super evident in their pregnancy and birth as they are completely aware and researched amongst all of their decisions. Amy and her partner attended the Appetence Birth Workshop and this is super obvious throughout her birth experience as they made value based dicisions throughout their entire pregnancy and labour experience based on the research, and their individual perception of the research (values). 

In today's podcast we discuss:

  • How Ams and her partner made value based decisions throughout the entire pregnancy, labour, and postnatal period. 
  • How and why they decided to wait until 42 weeks for induction
  • Natural Induction methods they used
  • The decision making process behind her epidural, no episiotomy and vacuum
  • Her pain relief options
  • The amazing role of your birth supporter (Nate fills his role so well)
  • How Amy consistent ‘set the standard’ which is a technique we use deeply in our Appetence Active Birth workshop 
  • Amy’s determined BF story and how she made it through with triple feeds
  • Amy’s new methodology through life as a Type A mama having to surrender

This podcast is for you if:

  • You are about to embark on birth and want to feel more comfortable with decision making
  • You are unfamiliar with breastfeeding and want to hear in depth some of the tools to utilise, and things to look out for
  • You are a first time mama wanting to know how to own the birth space
  • You want to know what it means to be an EPIC birth support (nate fills this role so well)
  • You love a good birth story

I really hope you enjoy the podcast!

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