45. PROFESSIONAL How the hormones work during birth with Amy Paulinich from Natural Birth Co

Todays podcast is a little bit different to our usual- I am actually being interviewed by Caitlin Pender from Her. Womens Health Physio for her podcast and we have simply utilised the podcast for my listeners as well.

In this conversation Caitlin is asking me all about the hormonal process of birth and how we can enhance the hormonal symphony allowing birth to flow as nature intended, minimising medical interventions. 

In todays podcast we discuss:

  • The hormones at play during the process of birth and how they work
  • Hwo we can enhance the natural flow of these hormones naturally
  • How your birth partner can facilitate the hormonal flow
  • How when the hormones are in flow they can reduce medical intervention 
  • How sex and intimacy is intertwind with birth (Caitlin put me on the spot with this one hehe)
  • How your birth support and environment effects your hormonal flow

This podcast is for you if:

  • Your are a pregnant mama wanting to have a natural birth
  • You are a pregnant mama wanting some tips on your birth environment
  • Your want your birth partner to know some tools in how to support and enhance your natural hormonal process (rather than disrupt it)
  • You want to have a calming birth experience
  • You are just fascinated in the pregnant and birthing women (lets be real, pregnancy and birth is THE most fascinating topic)

I really hope you enjoy the podcast!

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