43. BIRTH STORY Induction vs. No Induction, Being intune with body KODI

Today’s Birth story was with one of our NBC mamas Kodi. Kodi is an amazing example of holding the delicate balance of holding on tight to what you can control and accepting and releaseing what you can’t control. I have absolutely loved watching Kodi play with this balance throughout both of her pregnancies. Kodi started with NBC in her first pregnancy doing regular yoga and the Body Balance workshop with her husband Jack. She then continued to have an amazing birth starting off with an induction and progressing to a normal vaginal birth. Her second pregnancy Kodi practised yoga and pilates from 20 weeks and did the ‘How to Cope with Pain in Labour’ workshop (A segment of our Appetence Active Birth Workshop) to ‘get her head back in the game’ of coping with intense sensation. She then went ont o have a completely natural vaginal birth with no induction. I absolutely loved discussing the comparison of the 2 with her as this is such a rare experience and contrast to have. 

In todays podcast we discuss:

  • How to have a successful induction
  • How she prepare for a natural birth experience
  • How she endured the intensity of an induction
  • Her fears toward birth how she overcame them
  • The comparison of a water birth and non water birth
  • How Kodi being so intune with her body help guide her to her 2 normal birth experiences
  • Lots of techniques on How to cope with pain in labour

This podcast is for you if:

  • Your a first time mamas wanting to feel empowered during pregnancy and birth 
  • You have lots of fear surrounding an induction and feel it is ‘worst case scenario’
  • You want to feel more intune with your body and trust in your intuition
  • You love a good birth story

I really hope you enjoy the podcast!

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