38 SOLO How and why to PHYSICALLY PREPARE for a natural birth

I started doing just HOW TO PREPARE FOR A NATURAL BIRTH, however realised very quickly that would take wayyyyy to long so I decided to break to break it up into the 3 part framework I use in Natural Birth Co to help mamas prepare for their natural birth experience. 


In todays podcast we discuss:

  • Why we want to physically prepare for a natural birth and how it exactly helps us to birth naturally
  • The 4 aspects we include in our physical preparation
  • How to build mobility in the joints during pregnancy and why
  • How to build strength during preganncy and why
  • How to create balance throughout your preganncy body and why
  • How to optimise your postnatal recovery with physical preparation in pregnancy

This podcast is for you if:

  • You are a pregnant mama wanting a natural birth
  • Your are a pregnant mama experiencing discomforts throughout the body 
  • You are a pregnant mama who wants to maintain a pregnancy exercise routine as you are used to hitting the gym regularly but you are unsure the best type of exercise to maintain for your changing pregannt body
  • You are not pregannt but just curious on what to do for future pregnancies

I really hope you enjoy the podcast!

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