39 SOLO How and why to MENTALLY PREPARE for a natural birth

In today’s podcast episode we discuss How to prepare MENTALLY for your natural birth experience. I often say to my mamas how birth is more of a mental game thana physical one and due to this we here at NBC put a HUGE emphasis on your mental preparation for birth.

In todays podcast we discuss:

  • The 3 top aspects of preparing your midn for birth 
  • Why we want to rpepare our minds for birth and how it enhances our ability to birth naturally
  • The different between our frontal lobe and reptilian brain when it comes to birthing naturally
  • We discuss how to cope with pain in labour and the 7 practical strategies to do that
  • We discuss our edge of tolerance, how to find it, and what to do about it once we are there. 

This podcast is for you if:

  • You are a first time mama wanting a natural birth
  • You are afraid of contractions and how you will cope
  • You are a second time mamas who was shocked by labour the first time and would like some tools on how to cope better this time around 
  • You have a lack of faith in your body to birth naturally
  • You have this unwavering doubt about your body to birth naturally

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