37 SOLO Ams discussing VBAC’s, different types and how to prepare both physically and mentally

Today I dive deep into VBAC’s, the different types and how we can prepare depending on WHY the C-section happened in the first place. 

In todays podcast we discuss how to prepare with previous C-sections being due to:

  • Placenta Previa
  •  Breech
  • Did your labour never start…. Leading to induction….. Leading to a cascade of intervention (including the epidural)
  • Did labour start and was going fine and within 10(ish) hrs ‘something’ happened to make you go for an emergency c-section
  • Labour was 24hrs+ leading to a c-section due to baby not moving down (obstructed labour) cervix not opening (Failure to Progress)- This may or may not include babies head being in an awkward position in the pelvis (tilted to the side up looking up (de-flexed))
  • We also discuss the mental game behind VBAC’s and the process of rebuilding the trust in the body and the natural process of birth that has been lost, while the importance of learning how to surrender to what we cannot control. 

This podcast is for you if:

  • You have had a C-section and wondering what happened?
  • You are pregnant with your second babe post C-section and are anywhere on the spectrum of aboslutely NOT going for a VBAC to a VBAC is the only option.
  • You are just interested in the topic (it is a bloody interesting one!)
  • You didn’t necessarily have a C-section with your first but you did have intervention and wanting to get some little tips for your next birth
  • You are pregannt with your first knowing you will have a C-section and already curious about your second birth and your options

I really hope you enjoy the podcast!

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