# !BONUS! PROFESSIONAL Bridgette speaking on all things Women’s Health and our ‘How to Cope with pain in labour’ running at Back to Bounce!

Bridgette is a Women’s Health Physio running out of ‘Back to Bounce’ in Maroochydore. Brigitte graduated in 2017 with a Masters in Physiotherapy Studies over the past five years has completed further study in hip and pelvic pain, pelvic health, pregnancy related health and rehabilitation following pregnancy. Brigitte works with patients from an integrated, holistic model to facilitate optimal preparation for birth, recovery post partum and return to physical activity and healthy lifestyle following pregnancy and birth. She adopts a comprehensive integrated clinical and person-centred approach to ensure patients feel supported in their pregnancy and post partum journey. She is passionate about helping and guiding patients step by step to achieve optimal function and loves helping her patients feel empowered and confident with movement and physical activity.

This podcast is for women who are unsure why a Pelvic Floor physio is a HUGE recommendation for the pregnant and birthing women, and truly is essential when preparing for a natural birth experience.

In todays podcast we discuss:

  • Common issues women experience in regards to pelvic floor and how that effects the rest of the body
  • Common pregnancy symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction
  • How to release a tight pelvic floor
  • Postnatal recovery 
  • How to cope with pain in labour from a mental aspect
  • How to change the perception of pain in the lead up to birth
  • The unimportance of value based decision making tbhoreuhg pregnancy and birth
  • The importance of your partner in the birth space
  • Education and knowing your options
  • And so much more!

I really hope you enjoy the podcast!

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