36 SOLO How to labour with a posterior baby.

Previously we discussed WHY some babies may be in a posterior position and when it is optimal for them and when it is not.

We also delved into how to avoid a non optimal positioned posterior baby.

This podcast we discuss how to labour with a optimally posterior positioned babe. 

How to allow the labour to be fluid and how to utilise 2 primary forces to help baby to be born vaginally.

In todays podcast we discuss:

  • How to know if your babe is posteriour
  • How to utilise the force of gravity to help baby rotate to an anterior position
  • How to create space in the pelvis for baby for baby to be able to not only rotate but descend in the pelvis for labour
  • How posterior labour work
  • Common contraction patterns and sensation of posterior labours that are VARIATIONS OF NORMAL rather than ‘complications’

This is for mamas who

  • Have a posterior baby on board and want to know how to have a vaginal posteriour birth
  • In the past have had a posteriour labour (or are skeptical of having a posterior labour) ad desire to reflect and learn about the experience
  • Mamas who are just curious to learn because the pregnant and birthing women is just so bloody fascinating!

I really hope you enjoy the podcast!

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