34 PROFESSIONAL Postnatal care for your babe and prioritizing the family dynamic with Jess and Jane

Jess and Jane are the owners of Coastlife Families- Child Health Services.

Jane is a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and Jess is a Lactation Consultant and Child Health Nurse.

Together they support women and families through growth and development, their breastfeeding journey, the ever changing family dynamic, and their unique parenting styles for each individual child.

In today's podcast we’re discuss:

  • When to start bottle feeding
  • Early signs of mastitis- How to treat and avoid
  • The normalities of;
  • Bubs having cold feet
  • Bubs having mottled skin
  • Bubs having grunts, snores, noises through the night 
  • Tongue and lip ties
  • How to make decisions about vaccines

And so much more!

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This podcast is for the pregnant women wanting to preempt and prepare for her postnatal period. It is also for the postnatal women who desires to give her baby the best care with the most profesh advice from these two powerhouse women.

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