29 PROFESSIONAL- Brittany Sharpe McCollum- Pelvic Bio Mechanics, Natural Birth

Today we have my absolute favorite, wise, most inspiring natural birth worker Brittany Sharpe McCollum from Blossoming Bellies.

Brittany is a childbirth educator, a doula, a lactation counselor, and a pelvic biomechanics educator.

She is passionate about sharing evidence-based information with mothers and birth workers regarding her specialties. I myself have partaken in several of Britts courses and the have completely changed my view on how birth actually works, and in turn, completely changed my whole business.

In this episode we Discuss:

  • The truth about Optimal fetal positioning and how it isn’t evidence-based- What is true about bubs positioning at the beginning and during labour
  • How to labour with a posterior bub on board
  • We discuss deflexed/asynclitic fetal heads during labour
  • The support persons role in labour
  • How do you support a women through transition?
  • Epidurals and induction in the light of birthing naturally

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