Turkish Beauty + Cultural Experiences

After spending an incredible seven weeks in Turkey this past summer with Mavi, my husband, and his family, I knew that I had to share my experience with the Naked Beauty community. As a beauty lover, foodie, and Black woman who has married into this culture, Turkey has become like a second home to me and a place that I believe is so often misunderstood. Luckily my two friends, Turkish comedian Lesli Karavil and Black American ex-pat Courtney Shay, agreed to sit down with me and unpack all that comes with living in this country. From exploring the various ways in which women choose to self-present, to embracing stillness as a means of femininity, to finding beauty services as a Black woman in Istanbul, there is so much nuance and uniqueness to unpack in this episode. In fact, you might just have to listen twice!

Links to Products/Resources Mentioned: Mikla (Restaurant), Gülsha Rosewater, Spa Soul at The Ritz Carlton Istanbul, My Guide to Istanbul (The Strategist), Exfoliating Bath Mitt, Watch My Hammam Experience

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