Self-Healing Through Nutrition, Cleansing & Mindset ft. Aala Marra

Aala Marra is a very special person who's been able to self-heal and overcome a lot! Only 26, she's deeply aware of her purpose and it's so inspiring - I got a little emotional during this one. Revisiting this episode from 2018, tune in to hear a timely discussion on the importance of self-care. She's Sudanese-American and grew up in between cultures. We talk about how Sudanese women approach beauty, her relationship with her hair and how it changed when she got sick. Women's health and chronic illness is something that's not discussed often and so Aala is willing to talk about her private experience in detail – from the moment her hair kept falling out, getting rashes on her skin, experiencing chronic fatigue, migraines, muscle pain, etc. and then slowly rebuilding from there.We discuss the role of doctors verses a holistic approach, how her illness made her feel ugly for the first time in her life and how to handle a serious diagnosis. She discovered Dr. Sebi and began implementing these holistic principles to create a cleanse. An elimination diet addressed her gut/digestive issues. Aala explains how she compliments herself to feel empowered and how minding your business, drinking water are her top beauty tips!

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