Infiltrating the Fashion Industry ft. Naomi Elizée Associate Market Editor at Vogue

Social media has bred this idea that you get out of college and you are this superstar...It gives off this perception that you don’t need to put in the work anymore.- Naomi Elizée, Vogue Editor and Podcast Host

When I think of Naomi Elizée, the first word that comes to mind is hustler. Even from age 7, Vogue’s Associate Market Editor could not help but dream of her future career. And by the time she was in college, that passion only continued, leading her to endless internships from Saks Off 5th to Seventeen magazine. Today, between her ambitious job in fashion and her podcast So...What Do You Do Again?, it is clear that Naomi is helping to create a path for other young black women in the industry. Tune in for our discussion on black-owned designers, paying your dues, and practicing radical self-care. 

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