Defying “Anti-Frizz” Culture ft. Maeva Heim of Bread Beauty Supply

If the creamy conditioner, silky hair oils, or adorable “puffs” (AKA scrunchies) created by Bread Beauty Supply’s Maeva Heim have yet to grace your Instagram feed, trust me - you are missing out. Born as a biracial Black girl in Australia and raised by a mother who owned her own African hair braiding salon, there was no question that Maeva was set to make a unique mark on the world of haircare. And so after searching high and low for a textured haircare brand that wasn’t corporate, confusing, or impersonal but that could still provide premium quality ingredients, Bread was born. Tune in for an incredible discussion on growing up Black in Australia, launching an “it girl” brand in the middle of a pandemic, and the beauty of  redefining the rules for textured hair. Enjoy!

Link to Products/Resources Mentioned: Topicals Like Butter, Ami Colĕ (Lip Oil, Skin Tint) MAC Marrakech, Bead (Hair-Wash, Hair-Mask, Macadamia-Oil, Hair-Oil)

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