Defining “Cool” Ft Recho Omondi

“To me the coolest people, the people that I'm inspired by, are people who are just 100% themselves.” - my guest, friend, and designer Recho Omondi on trying to define the intangible quality of coolness. I could speak to Recho for *hours* and this live episode, all about expression, is no exception. Listen to hear us discuss:

  • Developing a unique personal style 
  • How moving around growing up influenced her sense of self
  • Finding your people on the internet (so important) 
  • Why there’s power in not needing validation
  • Why Recho never cared if people liked what she liked
  • Getting into beauty later in life
  • Her hair story from bleach to braids
  • The phenomenon of plastic surgery 
  • Tapping into self-confidence & trusting your intuition 


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