Elaine Bennett - The Speechwriter

Today I chat with Elaine Bennett about being a speechwriter and coach and all the stories in-between. 

:13 Intro to Elaine Bennett
:58 Elaine - A day in the life
3:02 Evolution of being a speechwriter
6:01 Free range writing
7:50 Life Work Balance
8:29 Coaching & Freelancing
11:00 The Scandal
13:26 Adapting to the Wall Street life
14:58 Biggest Risk
17:28 Listening to your own writing
19:53 Writer’s Block is a huge myth
23:20 Have you ever struggled because of being LGBT?
27:09 The future of the LGBT community// The election
35:16 Where to find
ebook - Make them listen to you…
twitter: https://twitter.com/bizspeechwriter

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