A Very Self-Indulgent Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to us! We take a break from the current season as this week's episode is our third birthday special! A hugely self-indulgent stroll down memory lane as we recount the Mystery on the Rocks origins story, recap all of our mysteries so far, briefly discuss the future of the podcast and - naturally - get sidetracked by being silly.

We've done so many episodes now that the completists among you may notice a few misrememberings. We know now that the Somerton Man's last meal was a pasty and not a kebab but we were going on hazy half-rememberings of yesteryear. And can someone please tell us which episode was 'The Buttermilk One' because none of us can remember? Let us know if we got anything wrong and tell us your favourite moments from the show if we missed any out.

And if we didn't miss your favourite out, let us know anyway!

Thank you for the bottom of our hearts for sticking with us and allowing the podcast to continue. Here's to many more!

Sooz, Masud & Chris

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