Live From The Bill Murray: The Ourang Medan

A couple of weeks ago, we got together to do Mystery on the Rocks in the same room for the first time in over a year and did a live show from Angel Comedy's brilliant venue The Bill Murray. Restrictions still prevented us having audience in the room with us and so we livestreamed a slightly chaotic show where we got super giddy at being together for the first time in a long time. During the shenanigans, we did touch upon the story of the terrifying ghost ship SS Ourang Medan, and thought why not edit together an episode from the live show? So we did!

An eerie distress call from the doomed ship caused two vessels in what was the Dutch East Indies to investigate, whereupon they found the Ourang Medan's entire crew dead and, disturbingly, all in the same pose. But is it actually a horrifying true story or just an urban myth? The jury has remained out ever since the story first surfaced in the 1940s... And find out if there is anything cool dude Masud can't style out...


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