Jarred Christmas and Gef the Talking Mongoose

Sauntering into the bar this week is the effortlessly funny and absolutely top drawer Jarred Christmas who brightens up the bar with tales of his time on (and borderline sabotaging of) TV shows such as Celebrity Total Wipeout and Big Brother's Big Mouth and gets stuck into a particularly strange case...

On the Isle of Man in the 1930s one family were visited by - and very soon befriended - a disembodied voice in their walls claiming to be the ghostly manifestation of a talking mongoose, named Gef. The story spread far and wide, led to worldwide media coverage, in-depth supernatural investigations and even a landmark court case...

At the Mystery on the Rocks bar you’ll find a retired sleuth, the bartender trying to settle his tab, and the down-on-her-luck lounge singer, solving mysteries and drinking cocktails. Each week a new guest enters the bar and attempts to solve an unsolved mystery alongside the regulars. Hosted by Masud Milas, Chris Stokes, and Sooz Kempner. It’s a high concept comedy and true crime podcast, set in a fictional crime-solving bar (with real cocktails!). The focus of the show is to attempt to crack a real, unsolved mystery from history – true crime and bizarre occurrences, all with a whodunnit or WTF happened question hanging over them. Masud makes the drinks, Chris tells the mystery and Sooz sings and plays live piano – and everyone chats and chimes in with their theories.

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Produced by Chris Stokes, Masud Milas and Sooz Kempner.


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