Gráinne Maguire and the Wilma Montesi Mystery

This week's guest is fantastic comedian, writer and political commentator Gráinne Maguire, who has appeared on Question Time, written on shows such as The Last Leg and who joins us on, among other things, a lengthy tangent about Easter as we try to pick apart a political scandal from 1950s Italy...

In April 1953, socialite and aspiring actress Wilma Montesi is found dead on a beach, with no real clues as to how she got there, or even how she died. A huge veil of secrecy is drawn over the whole affair which leads to much suspicion and whispers of an enormous political scandal in 20th Century Roman society...

At the Mystery on the Rocks bar you’ll find a retired sleuth, the bartender trying to settle his tab, and the down-on-her-luck lounge singer, solving mysteries and drinking cocktails. Each week a new guest enters the bar and attempts to solve an unsolved mystery alongside the regulars. Hosted by Masud Milas, Chris Stokes, and Sooz Kempner. It’s a high concept comedy and true crime podcast, set in a fictional crime-solving bar (with real cocktails!). The focus of the show is to attempt to crack a real, unsolved mystery from history – true crime and bizarre occurrences, all with a whodunnit or WTF happened question hanging over them. Masud makes the drinks, Chris tells the mystery and Sooz sings and plays live piano – and everyone chats and chimes in with their theories.

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Produced by Chris Stokes, Sooz Kempner & Masud Milas.


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