Missing Persons: Little Known Missing Children 2

There are cases we have all heard of. Madeleine McCann. William Tyrrell. Lisa Irwin. Kyron Horman. I could go on. But what about those missing children who you never hear about. They are just a short blurb on page 4 and never heard about again. The children you will learn about in the next two episodes are all part of minority groups and have just enough strange, intriguing details to have you wanting to go down that rabbit hole. But you won’t be able to. There is no long form article in your favourite news outlet. And that podcast you love? There is no episode. This episode of Mysteriously Listed.

7 Barbara Burhens

6 Steven Anderson and David Williams

5 Kimberly Boyd

4 Michelle Delfi

3 Stephanie Crane

2 Jacquilla Scales

1 Garnell Moore

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