43: Use ASKfirmations, Simple Yet Powerful questions, to ‘Trick’ the mind and attract the life of your dreams shares Chris Alexandria

**New Year's Resolution Special**

Chris Alexandria grew up near the ocean on the Eastern Shore of Delaware. Following a transformative journey to Glastonbury, England more than a decade ago, she embarked on a personal journey to pursue her dream. Chris has since become a leading authority on angels and their healing powers. An Archangel Enlightenment Therapist, Soul Coach, Reiki Master, and Crystal Therapist, she has designed and inspired Angel Chatter products to promote her mission of empowering others.

In ASKFIRMATIONS, Make affirmations more effective by using powerful questions, Chris Alexandria, renowned for helping others to empower themselves to explore their greatest potential, explains that there’s much more to the universal law of attraction than just simply looking at images, words or phrases to help you get the life you desire.

It doesn’t take much, but it does require a bit of retraining of your mind’s process. That’s where Chris’s Askfirmations method can come to the rescue by teaching you to just ask for that life you want, using positive, present-tense language that the universe is forced to respond in your favor. All you have to do is prepare yourself to be open and begin receiving it.

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