Premier League Training Begins as Villa Prepare for Summer Football

As Premier League clubs return to training to prepare for the possibility of the commencement of the 2019/20 season, we look at the realities of football in the near future - from ghost stadiums to South Korean sex doll fan replacements.

With the EFL recently announcing that a Points Per Game format - with promotion and relegation - will be undertaken, if the season doesn't commence, Aston Villa will be concerned that the Premier League will follow a similiar path.

In other Villa-related news, we look at the curious case of former Villa centre-back Jores Okore being accused of match fixing.

In 'Overrated or Underrated?' we discuss the Villa ex-player trio of Tommy Johnson, George Boateng and Stewart Downing.

While wrapping up the show is the discovery of a true Villa legend that even My Old Man Said is happy about!



PS: Warning: contains strong language.


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