MOMS Podcast Episode 21 - Villa Life Finishing Unlucky 13th and What Randy Lerner is Thinking

The season is over and Villa finished 18 points shy of the Championship play-off spots in 13th place. Can it get any worse? Of course it can, we're Aston Villa! So factor in: .winning the title for Newcastle, the Blues staying up, getting another player sent off and also fans getting a load of flags nicked, and there's plenty of material for your hosts David and Dan to discuss and laugh about in the My Old Man Said end of season podcast show.

Topics include: Xia's rating of Villa's season, the Brighton finale, 10 men issues, Keinan Davis, why Bacuna sums up Villa, bye-bye Kozak, Moles, Craig Gardener's wisdom, 6th vs 13th, keeper talk, 'The Guy Behind You at Villa Park', Villa vs Cardiff comparison and much more.

Also, ex-Villa owner Randy Lerner phones the podcast to give his thoughts on the season, there's Jedinak's Jungle and also several Negatron alerts to take heed of.



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