MOMS Pele Interview - Bonus Show

Pele Interview Bonus Podcast

Once upon a time MOMS interviewed Pele...

We dig out the Pele interview from the archives and before pressing play on it, quickly look back at when Pele played at Villa Park in the Aston Villa vs Santos friendly match, his presence at Highbury in 1981 when Villa won the League title, Pele's position endorsing Viagra and also what the players of New York Cosmos used to use Ketchup bottles for.

As well as discussing Pele's career, which English team he came closest to signing for and what rules he'd want changing in the game, the interview includes the story of the 28-year-old girl that came out of nowhere claiming to be Pele's daughter.

Pele also claims in the interview to have discovered Michael Owen!

If you have any any issues understanding any of the interview due to Pele's accent, check out the interview transcript.

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Merry Christmas.


David & Dan

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