MOMS Extra Ep.41.5 - Fulham vs Villa Preview & Which Villa Players are Good Enough for PL?

A bonus preview show for Fulham vs Aston Villa, in what could be a pivotal game for Villa and the Championship promotion picture, as the division's two top form teams in 2018 go head-to-head.

Can Fulham end Villa's long winning run?

Also, in the show we discuss the question of which of the current Villa team would be in the first team if Aston Villa were in the Premier League next season.

This is just a quick straight-up additional bonus episode. Check out Episode 41 for the full post-Blues derby show.

Many thanks to Chris Budd for appearing on the show once again. Check out his music here: Budd Music

Enjoy the show.


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Episode 41.5 featured:

David Michael - @oldmansaid 

Chris Budd - @BUDD_music

My Old Man Said -

Producer - David Michael


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