MOMS Extra Ep. 15.5 - Transfer Turnaround & Meeting Bruce

The bonus episode of the My Old Man Said podcast that's recorded in a pub. We bring the podcast series up to date, looking at Aston Villa's transfer activity - in and out - and also share some insights into the recent Fan Consultation Group meeting with Steve Bruce.

David and Dan also touch on the shambles that was the trip to Brentford (aka Pub Team), as Villa's fading promotion hopes were dealt another hammer blow.

Oh joy (and doom).


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Episode 15.5 credits:

Location: A Moseley pub.

Show Running Order

Transfer picture
Christmas for football fans
I have no idea what they were doing last summer
Striker situation
Swansea swap
Meeting Steve Bruce
The 'N' Word
Bees Issues
Full back folly
Inexperienced Keepers
No time for sentiment
Snake Skins
Grealish staying
Doomsday Party


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