MOMS Episode 29: Mass Hysteria as Aston Villa Start Winning

Recorded live at Villa Park while watching the Villa vs Brighton U-23 game, MOMS David Michael is joined by Chris Budd to discuss recent invents at Villa. Including the home win against Nottingham Forest, Ross McCormack going down under, Keith Wyness vs Donald Trump, Villa's game control problem, Villa's wingers Adomah & Snodgrass, Kodjia's role, lynchpin Davis and lots, lots more.

Using time travel, we also leave Villa Park to track down Dan Rodgers of the Villa Underground to discuss the handsome 4-0 win at Burton.

We also discuss some of Aston Villa's U-23 crop while we watch them play.

There's also 'Twitter with Tony', while Negatron is concerned by all those away goals against Burton. Right at the end of the show, we also visit Negatron in the future...

Thanks to Chris Budd for joining the show at Villa Park. Check out his music here: Budd Music



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Podcast featuring:

David Michael - @oldmansaid 

Dan Rodgers - @avfc_vilr

Chris Budd - @BUDD_music

My Old Man Said -

Villa Underground -

Producer - David Michael

Voices - Dan Rodgers

Portal Gun - Rick Sanchez


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