MOMS Episode 27: Vote Steve Bruce! / Brentford and Middlesbrough Autopsy

The Aston Villa craziness keeps on coming.

While the team have both stopped conceding and scoring goals, the anti-Steve Bruce social media hysteria continues to build.

David & Dan give their verdict on what should happen to Bruce, in what will be ultimately a no-win situation for the manager (apart from financially).

Villa's transfer secrets are revealed. The Villa Park 0-0 draws against Brentford and Middlesbrough are dissected, including the missed chances, red cards and the return of Kodjia & Jedinak. There's some insights from the recent Aston Villa Fan Consultation Group meeting and mention of Villa's relation to Birmingham's bid for the Commonwealth Games.

Meanwhile Negatron goes all Terminator and Jedinak's Jungle sees the return of the leader of the pride.

There's also random talk about organ donors, Rick & Morty and Gay of Thrones.

Enjoy and all hail the Villa Engine!


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