MOMS Ep.35 - Aston Villa's New Backbone and Flying Monkey

Christmas has come early for the Aston Villa players. As well as showing their resolve away at Elland Road, it was time for them to embrace their inner flying monkey, Power Ranger, Prince Akeem...and Chelsea player.

In the latest irreverent look at the Villa week, David and Dan give their thumbs-up to the big winner in the fashion stakes at the Villa player Christmas party, ask has John Terry been a full kit w**ker this week and celebrate the goal of the season (already).

Then talk gets more serious as they look back at the draw against Leeds, Leeds, Leeds and consider what a difference a year makes compared to the last time Villa visited Elland Road. From Samba and Onomah woe to Whelan and Lansbury delight, the main talking points are all discussed.

Other topics include: The most impressive thing about Snodgrass. Has Bruce actually been lucky with injuries? Are Villa Premier League ready? Which one injury are we away from being in real trouble?

Also, the Millwall encounter is looked at (don't go to the Christmas market on Saturday!) before the verdict is given on several listener Villa problems (send them in on Twitter to @astonvillapod).

We also find out about Negatron's new job, the reason he's been too busy to do 'Negatron Alerts'.



David & Dan

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Podcast Episode 35 features:

David Michael - @oldmansaid 

Dan Rodgers - @avfc_vilr

My Old Man Said -

Villa Underground -

Producer - David Michael

Voice 'talent' - Dan Rodgers


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