MOMS Ep.32 - Second City Clappers, Sponsored Fans, Hold Backs & Footy

Another Second City derby in the Championship ends as a bit of an anti-climax, but as usual, there's plenty of controversy to talk about off the pitch, as well as on it.

My Old Man Said's David and Dan discuss Birmingham City vs Aston Villa, the game, the clappers, the scarves, the hold back, the Jota, the Hutton, the Terry, the Whelan, the Bruce and much more, including ending with a quick Preston preview.

To honour Mile Jedinak's return, Jedinak's Jungle visits a place David Attenborough's Planet Earth never will - St Andrews. While Negatron speaks out about what happened to Glenn Whelan during the game.



David & Dan

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Podcast Episode 32 features:

David Michael - @oldmansaid 

Dan Rodgers - @avfc_vilr

My Old Man Said -

Villa Underground -

Producer - David Michael

Voice 'talent' - Dan Rodgers


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