MOMS Aston Villa Podcast Ep. 23: A New Hope - Promotion or Bust!

Welcome to the 2017/18 season. My Old Man Said podcast's presenters David and Dan look back over Aston Villa's pre-season - the signings, the exits, the hope, the disillusion, the ambition, Bruce's Plan A/B and the goal of promotion.

On route, they also discuss stuff like Sienna Miller, golf, theatre, Villa having five players in a recent England team, and Dan once again explains why he doesn't think football is complicated. Occasionally, they are rudely interrupted by Negatron.

Jedinak's Jungle is back in all of it's glory, plus there's a few outtakes scattered around the place.

Warning: We don't take anything too seriously, so there's always a few laughs along the way.


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