MOMS Aston Villa Podcast Episode 7 - Toon Hustle, Grealish Hassle & Clive Owen

David and Dan try to make sense of the visit of the Toon to Villa Park. From the first half disgrace to the late fightback. Certain players get called out while others get a pat on the back. They also weight up the latest episode in the Jack Grealish soap opera. Also on the show: Jedinak's Jungle, Twitter with Tony & Call Collyflower, and actor Clive Owen randomly pops up discussing with MOMS, Ashley Young's injury-time winner for Villa against Everton in the 3-2 thriller back in the day. Plus, lots, lots more.

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Episode 7 credits:


My Old Man Said -
Villa Underground -

Host: David Michael (MOMS Editor) -
Featuring: Dan Rogers (Villa Underground)-

Voices: Dan Rogers
Producer: David Michael

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