MOMS Aston Villa Podcast Ep 9 - What's Wrong With Aston Villa's Players?

Does the manager matter? We look at why the Villa players are underachieving, the prospects of Steve Bruce, the need for Ross McCormack to step up, Jedinak's international issues, the Wolves game & more. Plus, there's plenty of fun with the voices of Villa, listener questions and five reasons to be cheerful. UTV

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Episode 9 credits:


My Old Man Said -
Villa Underground -

Host: David Michael (MOMS Editor) -
Featuring: Dan Rogers (Villa Underground)- & Chad Wrenn -

Voices: Dan Rogers
Producer: David Michael

Show Running Order

Management meery-go-round
Bruce first impressions
Wagner says Nein
What was that against Wolves?
Fitness issues?
Mental issues?
Tactical issues?
All kinds of issues?!
Jedinak's international travel...

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