MOMS #53: The Reality of Steve Bruce's Sacking & Who's Next?

After one win in his last 10 games, the Aston Villa boss, Steve Bruce, has been given the Villa Park guillotine. My Old Man Said's David Michael, Dan Rodgers and Chris Budd discuss the reality of the situation, considering all the mitigating factors and whether it was the right decision and why.

Also, as well as looking at what went wrong for Bruce, we also digress to look at the issue of Jack Grealish, the current problems he's having on the pitch and how he could improve. Events of the Preston North End game are also covered, which typified Villa's problems under Bruce.

We also look at the kind of new boss Villa need in and some of the candidates that are in the running, and if they are the right kind of managers.

In other news, the show is now available on Spotify.

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