Aston Villa's Summer Restructure and Best Possible Transfer Deal

Pre-season training is about to start and with players returning from the only real available time to have a holiday, new Aston Villa signings will be announced soon. The club's preparation so far for 2020/21 has been in appointing key backroom staff.

Still stunned by Villa's miracle escape the MOMS podcast team returns to catch up on events since 'Survival Sunday' to discuss the movers, shakers and leavers in the latest stage of the Aston Villa evolution.

Plus, we talk player data issues, Toon Army sobbing (again), the potential minefield of fans returning to stadiums, as well as kit launches, shirt retirements and a hint of a transfer announcement date.

In short, it's your only antidote to clickbait stories sourced from Villa fan Twitter farts!



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