Aston Villa Principles vs Project Restart Motives & Behind Closed Doors Madness

As the media tries to frame Premier League clubs against each other, as 'Project Restart' talks try to find some kind of momentum and direction, we look at Aston Villa CEO Christian Purslow's task in hand and what actually is integrity of competition?

As well as discussing what Purslow has said in the past week, we also appraise the words of Head Coach Dean Smith and midfielder Conor Hourihane in their interviews of recent weeks.

Beyond that, there's the US Woman's national team's on-going battle for equal pay, the challenge of creating atmosphere in behind closed doors games and the bizarre actions of one international footballer during lockdown.

Nii Lamptey, Darren Bent and Mathieu Berson, all receive the 'Overrated or Underrated' treatment, while we also ask, what ex-Villa striker Dion Dublin's status is amongst Villa fans?

There's plenty of madness to boot.



PS: Warning: contains strong language.


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