Aston Villa Lose 100% Record After Being Bamboozled by Bielsa's Leeds

After an entertaining contest Aston Villa finally succumbed to a Leeds United team that ultimately bamboozled their hosts and ran away as 3-0 victors, meaning Villa lost their 100% record. Are there lessons to be learnt or was this a one-off game? After all, not many teams play in the all-action chaotic style of the Marcelo Bielsa-inspired Yorkshire team.

The full MOMS team look back at the Villa game and put it into some kind of context. Elsewhere, we look at the dubious PPV situation, Ajax's new record, Pele's new song and a hell of a lot more.

Underrated or Overacted tackles the controversial figure of former Aston Villa Turkish centre-back Alpay Özalan.



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