Aston Villa Life in Los Angeles With Danny De Lillo

Before the lockdown and during Aston Villa's winter break, MOMS took a trip to Los Angeles, USA, and recorded a couple of shows with stateside Villans. In the second of these shows, MOMS visits downtown LA to speak to Aston Villa supporter Danny De Lillo.

Having lived in LA for seven years, while working at both Screen International and the New Filmmakers festival, following Villa has entailed many early morning rises to watch games. Back in 2015, Danny infamously walked down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, painted in claret and blue before the FA Cup final, when Villa played Arsenal. We talk about that stunt and surviving the long-distance relationship of Villa love.

Also, there's some wide-ranging discussion about those Kappa kits, behind the scenes stories of the Scott Hogan Touch Count, the Egyptian/LGBT+ 'All-in' conflict and a lot more.

Enjoy the show.



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