Aston Villa Life in Los Angeles With Bob Stephenson

During Aston Villa's winter break, MOMS took a trip to Los Angeles, USA, and recorded a couple of shows with stateside Villans. In the first of these shows, over a few beers on Sunset Boulevard, we speak to actor and writer Bob Stephenson about all things claret and blue...and, black and gold.

During our chat with the Villan of over 20-years, we find out about being soccer buddies with Tom and Colin Hanks, the intriguing rise of his other team LA FC, US academy development, his hatred of the Europa League, the early years of his Villa love affair and his hopes for Villa's Wembley cup final and much more.

Thanks to the State Social House in LA for hosting us.

Enjoy the show.


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David Michael - @oldmansaid 

Bob Stephenson - @bobstephenson

Editor/Producer - David Michael

Outro music - Phil Marten


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