Aston Villa - The Freshest and Most Resilient of the Play-off Teams?

Excuse us, while we catch up a little. With a new post-Leeds show on the horizon, this show, which was originally slated before Easter, looks at Villa's advantages in the play-offs and looks back at the key Bristol City game.

MOMS is joined by Dan Rodgers of the Villa Underground and Max Stokes of Villa on Tour to discuss their feelings on the Championship play-offs that are fast approaching. They also discuss a sign that it could be Villa's year for promotion and how one football fan managed to get to see his team live, despite his funeral being a day before the match.

There's also the latest Scott Hogan Touch Count Meter, plus much more Villa-related high jinx.

Due to technical and time issues, unfortunately the full version of this show couldn't be released before Easter, but rather than just bin it, it has been re-edited to keep it fresh and put out now to get you in the mood for what's to come.




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