#47 - Robot Lawyers, Pay to Lose Weight & Prudent vs. Wild Card Managers

Sam (@thesamparr) and Shaan (@shaanvp) are back talking news, trends, interesting products and businesses. We've partnered once again with the online business broker Quiet Light Brokerage, they want to give you guys a FREE 25-point checklist to see how sellable your online business is. To receive this free guide, visit quietlightbrokerage.com/myfirstmillion. Topics for today: Paying to lose weight (01:26), Private equity rollups in cleaning, dental & locksmiths (04:22), Buying nursing homes (08:47), Back to private equity talk (10:30), Baby locked in a room story (13:02), Public dental companies (14:26), Barstool's genius marketing with 'Zillion beers' campaign (17:58), Mr Beast & Content burn out (21.44), Rupert Murdoch's elite meeting at CES (This one's good, 26:14), Revenge against spam callers & robot lawyers (32:13), Charlie Munger thoughts on Elon Musk and if you'd hire a wildcard or someone prudent (37:02), Risky investing (41:31), Listener's chess tutoring biz and if he should continue (45:00), Restaurant refills & other boring but large businesses (50:05) and lastly the crazy world of auctions and collecting (53:10).


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